Redefining the Conversation About Aging

Redefining the Conversation About Aging

Redefining the Conversation About Aging Redefining the Conversation About Aging Redefining the Conversation About Aging

Ain't She Sweet, LLC

A company dedicated to intellectually inspiring seniors and those that care for and about them


We guarantee the "I" promise. Each program, training, workshop and event is Innovative, Intellectual, Ingenuitive, and Inspiring

Generate new leads and prospects


We offer captivating and charismatic programs designed to bring new prospects into your facility with an informative, non salesy approach. We also have a myriad of employee training options for your staff.

Reinvigorate programming for seniors


Our custom programs delight seniors in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living centers, independent living properties, rehab centers, senior centers and more. Elevate the level of programming for your audience today.

Pioneering a New Culture of Aging Conference |August, 2019

Transformational Kindness: Mastering Emotional Intelligence to Practice the Golden Rule


To better exemplify kindness in practice, participants will take a tour on a road map of emotional intelligence. Through a scenic journey, this map will address how to avoid roadblocks and pitfalls associated with not treating others as one would want to be treated themselves. Become a kindness ambassador with a clear route to “tangible today” tips for embodying cognitive compassion. If you’re ready to create a culture of empathy, understanding and awareness, this is the workshop for you.

Experienced Keynote and Breakout Session Conference Speaker


Lia speaks at a variety of international, national, regional and local conferences on a variety of topics ranging from "Incorporating leadership competencies to create business based executive development" to "Leveraging StrengthsFinder principals in communication with colleagues/customers ."All topics are customized  based on audience data. The above photos are from the annual Pioneer Network aging conference. The 2019 conference took place in Louisville, Kentucky. 

Interactive Facilitation & Activities


Pictured is an activity intended to employ simple physical movements to translate the complexities of microinequities. The session, one of eleven simultaneous ones had so many people attend, additional facilitators had to be on hand to explain the directions for the activity at the end of the line. No group is too large to experience a multi-faceted workshop, which leaves attendees thinking, talking and then acting based on their learning, for days.  

Facilitation of Small & Large Group Activities


Sessions may include: small group activities, table discussions, individual journaling and reflections, group carousel exercise and more. 

Evidenced Based Research Topics & Presentations


Research for this session on "Transformational Kindness" included books and articles by Daniel Goleman, Michael Cornwall, Harvard Business Review and Global journals on Business, Management & Psychology.

Engaging, dynamic sessions, which fill the room


By coupling catchy, relevant and timely topics with clear attainable objectives, Lia attracts a myriad of professionals to her engaging presentations. Objectives for the "Transformational Kindness" workshop include:

  1. Define and demonstrate microinequities.
  2. Articulate “Cognitive Compassion.”
  3. How to navigate the journey through the roadmap.

Our Founder and CEO


Lia's Brief Bio


Lia Jill Levitt, M.Phil, M.S., CDP, is a globetrotter who has traveled to every continent in the world sans Antarctica, solo, and to sixty countries. She shares the story of her grandmother’s love, and inspiration with anyone around the world who will listen. In between globetrotting, as a tribute to her grandmother’s love of education, she completed her second graduate degree from UPENN in 2015. In addition to founding Ain't She Sweet, LLC, she works as a college admissions consultant helping teens achieve their educational dreams, & a coach to help executives & physicians play nicely in the sandbox. She recently completed her memoir, “Ain’t She Sweet: A Coming of (Old) Age Story“ detailing growing up in a nursing home and the often funny, at times sad, and always impactful privilege of learning about life from the elderly. Her hopefully soon to be published book, inspired her to form a company dedicated to inspiring seniors, named for her grandmother's favorite song.


Writing roots

Since childhood, Lia has written stories and been an avid reader, reading a book a day as a kid. In middle school, she wrote a short story, "The Enigma of Egypt" and remembers the joy of expressing her creativity through writing. In high school, Lia was the Sports Editor of the newspaper at the largest high school in the state of Connecticut. She continued on to receive three degrees, writing a thesis, and two Capstones, the latter published in the University of Pennsylvania's Scholarly Commons. Lia enjoyed a corporate career always focused on writing - from creating trainings to executive communications. She is thrilled to have completed her first book and hopes to live her dream as a published author. 


Public speaking roots

Lia was practically born talking, always comfortably commanding the attention of any room, regardless of the audience. As a young child, she happily participated in fundraising cold calls for various nonprofit organizations. In high school, she enjoyed four years in the Mock Trial Club, ultimately, as the lead defense attorney. In college, Lia decided instead of being a lawyer she wanted to be an actress who played one and had a short stint as an acting major. Then, she found communications was the perfect blend of public speaking and writing. She has taught at the college level for four years, been a guest lecturer at a graduate business school and undergraduate nursing program, and presented in a multitude of forums from national conferences to a law firm (though not as an attorney or an actress). Lia is a highly engaging and interactive speaker who has found every possible job which highlights this talent and now is focused on continuing to build her platform of "Redefining the conversation on aging", through her company, Ain't She Sweet, LLC.

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