Interview on the Marty Heiser Show, May 31st 2018

Enjoy this video interview with "Ain't She Sweet" founder and CEO Lia Jill Levitt. The interview begins at the 1:00 mark. 

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30 Questions Everyone Should Ask Their Grandparents

“My grandmother lived until she was 99. I asked her everything, including what gave her confidence,” says aging advocate, Lia Jill Levitt, the author of Ain’t She Sweet: a Coming of (Old )Age Story. “I found my grandmother always wanted to ride in a limo, but financial constraints made this impossible. I spent months saving up to surprise her with a limo on her 95th birthday, and the joy it brought her was immeasurable. I believe we should ask the elderly not only what their advice is, but what their observations are on life, love, and learning,” she adds.

Press Coverage in the Newtown Bee

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"Not everyone can say they grew up in a nursing home. For Newtown resident Lia Levitt, her unique upbringing happened because of the strong relationship she developed with her late grandmother, Anna Levitt.

During the Newtown Senior Center's popular Lunch  Learn program on April 18, members gathered to hear Ms Levitt's inspirational story about the love and lessons she received through getting to know her grandmother over the span of 19 years."

"Occupation: I’m the founder of Ain’t She Sweet LLC, a company dedicated to bringing joy and inspiration to the lives of seniors and those who care for and who care about them. I began the company last fall, and it combines my passions of public speaking, writing, and working with the elderly. I’m writing a book called Ain’t She Sweet: A Coming of (Old) Age Story. The goal of my book is to reduce trepidation in society about long-term care facilities and to show all the joy and positivity that can be associated with old age."

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GRAND Magazine | Living the ageless life

The September/ October 2018 Issue of GRAND magazine, featuring cover stories on Paul Newman. GRAND is a the premier lifestyle magazine for grandparents! 

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"To create a legacy is to create a story that has a beginning but does not end. Whether the world knows you or you feel you've come to know just a small piece of the world, leaving a legacy ensures that the sparks of your life the fire of knowledge, passion, and tradition for years to come."

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"Our values are manifested in the legacy we leave. A person's legacy does not have to be as broad-reaching as Paul's to be impactful for generations to come. A legacy can be a family story that brings joy to our descendants, a talent passed through a family, or a donation to a charity that is meaningful to an individual." 

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What Are the Most Important Things in Life

"#1 Loyalty

In relationships, whether personal or professional, I find no value supersedes the importance of loyalty.

#2 Impact

Though I essentially made up a job that doesn’t really exist, as an intellectually inspirational speaker for the elderly, I see impact. 

Even with those with severe declines due to dementia, if I’m able to connect with some to get eye contact and with others to allow them to share a memory, no one has asked about in years, my work now matters.

I’ve been told the residents get a lot out of my programs, but I know I get more.

#3 Diversity

My life is enriched by experiences like this where I open myself up to the opportunity of learning through experience.

#4 Connection

I love hearing and being a part of people’s stories. With teens, I help them realize a future they’re on the cusp of and with the elderly, I help them remember a past that defines them.

#5 Sleep

In order to have the energy to speak loudly to those who are hard of hearing, (which isn’t in my nature) I sleep..a lot. My rule on weekends is I don’t get out of bed prior to noon."

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Why it might make sense to shell out for help with those college applications

“Contrary to what those unfamiliar with the process may believe, applying to college cannot be completed, even by the most ambitious family, in a weekend,” said Lia Jill Levitt, a college admissions consultant.

“Most teens and their parents are at odds over this process,” Levitt told NBC News. “When I speak with parents...I often focus on mitigating familial conflict."