JaKeith Jackson | Community Liaison | The Watermark at East Hill

 "Ain't She Sweet" is more than sweet. It is a phenomenal depiction of the love that a granddaughter has for her grandmother. Lia touches the soul as she goes through the story of how love, no matter the location, conquers all. As Lia presents this extraordinary life in such vivid detail, one can only picture the compassion and bond that is shared. Lia's presentation is packed with adventure and curiosity that leaves you feeling as though you were there. "Ain't She Sweet" not only provides a clear picture of love, but the battle to hold on to that love no matter the obstacles. Thank you Lia Levitt for sharing your telling experience. I can't wait for a part 2."

Kristin Bott | Assistant Clinical Professor, Nursing | University of Connecticut

Feedback on guest lecture, "Communication Competence and Garnering Emotional Intelligence in Caregiving " |UCONN School of Nursing

If you are looking for a DYNAMIC, ENGAGING, MOTIVATING, COMPASSIONATE speaker, presenter, author, advisor, I recommend Lia Levitt without question. I have had the pleasure of working with Lia recently in a variety of different situations. Lia always presents herself with unsurpassed professionalism, enthusiasm, creativity, and knowledge! 

Most recently our paths crossed when Lia delivered an amazing presentation to a diverse group of students. I was amazed at her ability to capture and hold their attention. The students were engaged and interested throughout the entire presentation. By the end of the presentation, the students expressed an genuine regard for the knowledge that Lia shared. I believe that Lia is an asset to any organization, company, agency, institution that is graced with her presence. Thank you Lia!"

Various Members of the Newtown, CT Senior Center

"I didn't know anyone could talk about their grandmother for an hour and keep me interested! I felt so good after the talk because it was so positive. It brought back memories of my own grandmother. The whole reason I went was that I was intrigued by the phrase 'blind artist', which caught my eye. I felt like I knew her afterwards. We are all a little hesitant about nursing homes a little less nervous & hesitant after the talk and even encouraged if I ever have to go."

-- Shirley Kopnicky

"Lia brought all of us a better light on nursing homes though going into one is the last thing I ever thought I'd want, now maybe I think I'd have as much fun as I do at the Senior Center! I'm a grandmother and great grandmother and loved the event because I miss my mother so much and I'm too old to remember my grandmother. I appreciated the way Lia took care of her blind grandmother, which probably made her feel more of Lia's age."

-- Dolly White

"This talk brought up a lot of memories about my mother because she thought similarly to Lia's grandmother. I thought it was amazing her grandma had so much energy to do so many things without being able to see. I thought the program was just great!"

--Jeanette Pfeiffer

Mary White | Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Director | Putnam County, NY


"Thank you so much for visiting with our Seniors in February.  The “Ain’t She Sweet” presentation was emotionally uplifting.  Your story related to your relationship with your Grandmother shows the love and kindness that should be shared with the elderly. 

The combination of your travel adventures and relationship with your Grandmother are truly inspirational.  Best of luck with your future travel and endeavors."

Nela Mendez Latimer | Program Coordinator | Benchmark Senior Living at Ridgefield Crossings

"Lia did an nice job of keeping everyone in the room engaged and did it with the perfect blend of charm and humor!" -- Nela

Feedback from Residents

"This was a great program.” -- Art

“Thought about not going because I’m not a grandmother but I very much enjoyed the program.” --Grace

Stephanie Belcher | Recreation Coordinator | Masonicare


“Lia is an excellent guest speaker to have at your facility. At the end of the program, our residents left the room with smiles on their faces and feeling positive about life and aging. I highly recommend Lia to come speak to your residents. Do not miss this opportunity!”


Dana Christos | Director of Marketing | River Glen Health Care

"Lia Levitt is refreshing! Her presentation, "Ain't She Sweet" engaged seniors and staff alike. Lia is witty and humorous and her story tugs on your heartstrings even if you are young or old. The program emphasizes the theme of positivity around aging. Very Inspirational!

I highly recommend booking Lia for any audience. Her story is one of endurance and of following your heart. I have booked Lia for partnerships in the senior center communities as well as at the long term care facility I work in. She is amazing to work with!"

Various Residents of Lockwood Lodge | Newtown, CT

Feedback on "Comedy Cabaret" 

“It was incredible, something I haven’t seen before” – Jeanine

“It’s different than just jokes. Before you told your jokes you walked us right into your stories. It was very enjoyable” - Barb

“I laughed for such a long time! I laughed for the whole of it” – Pam

“It was so good! I thought it was fascinating about the weird foods and the prices.” – Donald 

“You made my day! That was great! I hope you come back.” - Barbara

“I loved it! It was just so funny!” - Nancy


“It engaged people from the start and that is always good. To me, it looked like they all enjoyed it. They were really into it from my standpoint. With this crowd you know where you stand because they let you know if they don’t like it. It was a very different mixture of fun and learning. A lot of them don’t know that this stuff happens or exists so it was good for them to know. It was very funny!” - Carina, recreation staff at Lockwood Lodge

Various Members of the Southbury, CT Senior Center

“I loved it! You brought so many memories back and you were a fantastic speaker!  You made me think about my mother-in-law, who I was very close with and she said I was the daughter she never had. I was at her side when she passed at 102 and she was mentally with it. This presentation made me think of that for the first time in a while and I loved remembering her.” - Gloria

“I really enjoyed the talk! It makes you feel very close to your grandparents and makes you remember special memories and that you’re truly blessed” - Marion

“It was a beautiful talk! In my heart, I felt that your grandmother is still living. She is with you. Even though she passed, she is still there in your life I feel that. She is planning all of this. Maybe she had it in her heart that she wanted you to do this and now she is living it through you. My Mom was a very gentle woman and she was very giving. I thought about her and one of my granddaughters constantly as you. I am very happy I came and you are a very good speaker. It was meant for me to be here. I was at aerobics class and though I came in my tennis clothes, I am so glad I did.” - Jen

Almenta Foster | Recreation/ Activities Staff | Allegria at Ocean Grove, NJ

Feedback on Sensory Sand and Sea

“The beach experience was perfect since we are near the beach. Our residents love the beach and they are always talking about the beach and the boardwalk. The residents love ice cream and loved talking about it. The touch part of the program was great because it was accommodating for hearing, touching, and smelling experiences, which was nice for the residents. I think they really enjoyed it. Sometimes they don’t realize they still have these senses anymore. This program actually gave me new ideas to pass along to my boss. The residents enjoyed all of the pictures and they were a nice addition to the presentation. I felt like Lia made them comfortable and her bright personality came in and they were all interested in what she had to say!” 


Feedback on Ain’t She Sweet 

“I think our residents received this well by comparing Lia's experiences to their experiences. They were really into listening to understand during the presentation. They were very interested, especially once Lia began talking about traveling and different places and different foods. I thought it was very interesting myself because you can never get too much information on relationships and bonds. I like experiencing memories. It’s refreshing to hear about someone’s opinions and views on these topics around aging.”

Pamela Sheppard | Social Worker | Hancock Hall

Feedback on Custom Caregiver Workshop

"Lia is a most dynamic and engaging speaker. She presented her story, Ain’t she Sweet, a biographical story of her grandmother’s and her own experiences at Hancock Hall, a skilled nursing facility, for a group of caregivers at Hancock Hall, the scene of most of the story.  

She was engageable and related to each of the attendees in a personal way that was meaningful to each individual.  She brings hope and joy to the sometimes ‘taboo’ topic of aging.  Thank you, Lia!"

Wendy Mutter | Admissions and Marketing Liaison | The Lutheran Home of Southbury

Feedback on Comedy Cabaret 

"On behalf of the Lutheran Home of Southbury I want to thank Lia for the fun and interesting presentation to members of the Oxford CT Senior Center as part of our monthly lunch & learn series. 

Lia held the audience's attention with her short stories and anecdotes about her take on life. Her use of humor and sincerity made her stories personal. Her ability to help the audience bring to the surface memories about their own experiences was so enjoyable. The smiles and laughter were contagious."


Samantha Nook |Director of Sales & Marketing | Watermark at East Hill

Lia Levitt has worked with our residents and staff on numerous occasions. She is a positive motivator and speaker, as well as  presenter, advisor and author. Her professionalism is perfection and she is truly a breath of fresh air to work with. Lia did a wonderful presentation for our marketing event at our community regarding the misconceptions of community living and Long term care. Lia received great reviews from the audience.  

I recommend Lia Levitt for many things. She can motivate your staff, present to your residents and many other incredible skills that she has acquired.   Lia is professional and very creative. Most importantly, she is personable and engages very well with our residents and staff. I am excited to have Lia present and share her expertise with our staff. She is an amazing and trustworthy individual with charisma and passion. I highly recommend her in every way shape or form!

Miranda Dold | Manager, Goldstone Caregiver Center | Danbury Hospital

Lia provided a dynamic presentation through the Goldstone Caregiver Center.  She was enthusiastic, engaging and informative, providing tips and inspiration to those who are caring for family members.  She was professional, relatable and extremely interactive with her audience.   

We are looking forward to welcoming her back in a couple of months, due to popular demand!