Programs for Caregivers of Seniors

 Staff Training Programs 

  • The intangible Return on Investment (ROI) of compassionate nursing
  • A family perspective on long-term care and its’ life altering impact
  • The Impact of strengthening EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in healthcare professionals
  • Managing stress in and outside of the office to prevent burnout and anger
  • Creating and maintaining an exceptional customer experience 
  • The art of negotiation with families, residents and peers
  • Advanced Communications focused on message timing, content and setting expectations 
  • Tops, Middles, Bottoms: A workshop on power 
  • The art of giving & receiving Feedback
  • Creating and maintaining your personal brand
  • Coaching skills for healthcare professionals to improve performance
  • Inclusive communication – how to talk with, not at seniors 


Garner more empathy for patients and residents of senior facilities by understanding more of their experiences.
Promote greater collaboration between caregivers and seniors with regards to their care
Create new comfortable, communications channels for caregivers to effectively share information with residents/ patients and their families


Patient as a person, sympathy vs. empathy, emotional intelligence, connecting with patients/ residents,  communication efficiency - leading to more time and body language   


Both talks and trainings are available based on need and preference of facility or medical group. These can range from 45 minutes with a 15 minute question and answer period to half day interactive workshops. 

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