Programs for Families of Seniors

 Program titles  

  • How to advocate for yourself and your loved one as a caregiver 
  • Building resilience throughout the emotional journey of caregiving
  • Balancing the role of a caregiver and all of your other roles in life to avoid burnout
  • Creating your caregiver brand: define how you want to be known
  • How to deal with family who should care but doesn't care give


Reduce anxiety over the aging process and life changes associated with it such as the transition from independent living to assisted living, a nursing home, or living with relatives
Enhance understanding of common social, physical & emotional changes as relatives age to better prepare emotionally for the future
Learn coping skills and resiliency to handle managing challenging situations with your loved one or those who care for them
Heighten ability to advocate for seniors with caregivers and in a facility to assist them in maintaining both their independence and dignity.  


Resiliency, Coping Skills, Advocacy, A changing mind and body, recalibrating expectations, and level setting the experience of transitioning a loved one into a care facility  


Talks can range from one to two hours and can be customized to include interactive activities and handouts with action plans to take home and begin using. 

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