Sunset Series for Sundowners

Do you have sundowners in your facility?

According to the data from Alzheimer's Association in 2006, 2.4% to 25% patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease have sundown syndrome

Could your night nursing staff use a break?

We offer programming designed to give nurses and other caregivers dedicated time to focus on resident care, complete paperwork, and better manage shift changes

Are your residents restless after dinner?

Our Sunset Series offers sensory programming beginning after dinner through 3 AM. Provide your residents with fun, and stimulating programs any time of day or night!

Programs for seniors with memory care needs


Program Topics & Goals

Program Titles

  • Sensory Sand & Sea 
  • Gorgeous Gardens: Grow & Show
  • Audiovisual Animals Adventure
  • Tactile Take off to Sensational Space
  • Back to School: Sensory Sensations
  • Trick or Treat, Ghosts & Ghouls
  • Feeling Fall: Autumnal Ambiance

All programs are available as a part of our Sunset Series for Sundowners

All 2019 topics in the special program series, have multi-sensory versions designed for various levels of memory care residents. Programs are adapted to each floor/ unit/ audience to ensure maximum participation and comfort. 

"Sensory Sand & Sea" our flagship memory care program, takes participants on a journey to the beaches of their childhood. Through musical hits from artists such as The Beach Boys to the scent of orange creamsicles, residents will delight in reliving joyous memories. They will have the opportunity to touch sand and seashells and to pop bubbles and gently toss beach balls while enjoying a custom slideshow of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

Program Goals

To offer a fun and comfortable multi-sensory experience. Programs are designed to reconnect participants to visual, auditory, olfactory and kinetic memories. Through incorporating sight, sound, touch and smell, participants take a fun journey through their past, which provides them with new positive memories.


Sensory stimulation, travel, animals nature, music and photography. All programs are designed to stimulate memories and offer a non intimidating way to connect to the past.


Programs are generally one hour and include a variety of stimulating sensory materials designed to reconnect people to positive memories and create new & fun experiences. We would love to work with your kitchen or food providers to offer dietary approved items to compliment our program's sensory experience.

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Feedback on "Sensory Sand & Sea"

Lauren | CNA | The Villa, A Watermark Property



“Our residents were really into this program, especially the sensory part that was included. It’s hard to keep a crowd sitting still and they sat still for a full hour, which is very rare. It was really well done. They liked the bubbles and being able to touch stuff like the beach ball and the seashells.”